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Mystical Forest


Legend has it your great grandpa has been searching for a mystical artifact. It’s lost somewhere in the cave of despair. Gain access to the cave and finish your grandpa’s legacy! 

Location: Madison Heights



Kenthsworth Sanitarium


You’ve been captured by Dr Gravemore and taken back to his secret lab. Can you withstand the torture he will put you through in order to plot a plan and escape?

Location: Madison Heights

Dracula’s Lair


You’ve been requested to meet Van Helsing at a strange castle. You’ve been given one task. Find Dracula and take him out. You only have 1 hour before the sun rises. 

Location: Madison Heights

Mummy’s Revenge


King Tahirah has been laid to rest in his forbidden tomb. His spirit is looking for his magical amulet to awaken his body and rule again. You don’t only find this amulet but to decide to take a piece of the treasure for yourself!

Location: Madison Heights



Not only did you face your fears… You’ve taken on everything Feartech Labs has thrown at you. Rest well knowing your nightmares are behind you… or are they?

Location: Madison Heights

Stabbin’ Cabin


You thought it would be just another summer camping trip. Survive the night. Save your life. Get the souvenir. 

Location: Chesterfield

Bank Heist 

1 Million Dollars

Rock Solid Banking is the world’s most secure bank. Do you have what it takes to break in and steal the loot? If proven successful you’d go down in history as one of the greatest bank robbers of all time! 

Location: Chesterfield

Bank Heist 

1 Million Dollars

Rock Solid Banking is the world’s most secure bank. Do you have what it takes to break in and steal the loot? If proven successful you’d go down in history as one of the greatest bank robbers of all time! 

Location: Farmington

Wizards Escape


He who shall not be named has snuck back into the castle! You must ban together and find the items to destroy him once and for all, joining your place on The Army! 

Location: Chesterfield

Superhero Academy


After graduating your final exam and defeating Dr.D you’ve learned your secret skill and unlocked all your superpowers! You’re now a real superhero! 

Location: Chesterfield 


Maximum Security 


This is your new home. Cold walls and metal bars. Use your mutant powers to liberate the prison and escape and avoid your life sentence. 

Location: Farmington 

Lost In Space


Your engine has stopped. You must repair your ship! The only chance of survival is to fix the parts of your ship and gain access to the oxygen supply! 

Location: Farmington

It’s Alive!


Dr Frankenstein has tasked you with the most important part of building his new creation. You must watch over the brain. Will you provide what he needs? Will you keep it for yourself?

Location: Farmington

The Morgue


You’ve escaped with your life! You get to take your final breath another day! You’ve escaped the evil that is the morgue! 

Location: Waterford



Dr.Gravemore puts you through the test to escape with your life. Puzzles. Challenges. Clues. Riddles. The ultimate test is last. Are you willing to give up an organ to escape? 

Location: Farmington

3D Circus


Your uncle Tick Tock has left you your very own circus! There is only one catch. You have to perform as the main clown in the evening show. Only problem is… you can’t find your clown nose… find it and rule the circus! 

Location: Farmington

Temple Run


Legend has it, the ancient spirits of Skull Temple left a series of traps for those who dare tread their sacred grounds. Beware! Several cursed relics were found near the temple warning curious adventurers like yourself…once you touch it. It’s with you forever! 

Location: Farmington



You wake up in a cold dark room. You’re shackled to a wall. Can you use what you find to escape? Failure to do this might mean it’s lights out for good.

Location: Chesterfield

Steampunk Casino

$500 CHIP

The goal is simple. Break into the underground Kraken Casino. Play undercover. Don’t get caught. Get Some Cash. Get Out! 

Location: Canton

Witching Hour


The witch has cursed you! The ritual chip is the only element you need to break the curse and escape! 

Location: Canton

Medusa’s Revenge


Face Medusa. End her reign of terror. Once she turns to rubble, take piece and remember your victory! 

Location: Canton

Pirates Curse


Legend has it the Grand Marcosa has cursed treasure on board that is worth a fortune. Oh how you seek to just get a piece of the forbidden cursed treasure. 

Location: Canton



You’ve made it back to earth! The aliens tried to abduct you but you made your escape!

Location: Waterford

Pirates Of The Dark Sea

Mermaid Song

Congratulations crew! You’ve successfully helped the mermaid, and in return she gave you the gift of her song! Now you can sail the sea’s with a hidden power! 

Location: Waterford

Dragons Heart


Defeat the evil wizard by winning the game of chess. You are the chess master and have successfully rescued the dragon’s heart.

Location: Waterford

Zombie Bomb


You’ve been infected. Slowly your friends and family are craving brains and acting differently. Can you find the cure to help save the human race?

Location: Farmington

Escape Room Party $350.00

Up To 8 Players

– (2) 30 Minute Escape Room Experiences

– 1 Hour Private Party Area

– 2 Large Pizzas

– 2 Pitchers Of Soda

– Party Supplies (Cups & Plates)

– Guest Of Honor T-Shirt

– $30 Each Additional Partitipant

The collectible poker chips are a unique reward to players who successfully defeat an escape room at one of our many locations in the Metro Detroit area. These chips can serve as a tangible reminder of each player’s accomplishment and can also be a fun addition to any collection!