Dracula’s Lair

Solve the clues, find the candles, and play a game to escape before Dracula wakes up! This alluring room immerses you in an 18th century adventure you’ll never forget! Explore Dracula’s lair...

Zombie Bomb

Can you keep the infection from spreading? Unbornlabs has an evil plan to unleash a Zombie Virus and their lead scientist had an accident and infected himself. Due to inactivity in the...

Pirates of the Dark Sea

The evil captain of your ship has managed to capture a Mermaid from the long lost city of Atlantis. You were thrown in the brig for trying to help her escape so...

Kenthsworth Sanitarium

Work together to reunite with your loved ones and escape alive! I’m not crazy! That’s what you keep telling the evil Doctor Gravemore, but he just laughs at you and shoves you...

Dr. Trauma

Save the world from nuclear destruction! You and your team are living in an underground bunker at the end of the world. Learn how to venture out into the wasteland and scavenge...

Circus : 3D

Will this tomb house incredible riches, or will it hold unspeakable dangers? Beware, the legend warns that those who enter cannot leave. You thought the Pharaoh’s Curse was a myth. You thought...

Dracula’s Lair (Intermediate)

Don’t waste time, Dracula will be home to feast in one hour! Good luck. This alluring room immerses you in a 15th century adventure you’ll never forget. Escape Dracula’s lair while keeping...

Wizards Escape

This magical place has much to discover and learn. Choose your team wisely and work together to see if you can win at the Wizards Escape. ***This escape room is not affiliated...

Witching Hour

Oh what webs we weave when first we lie and then deceive. Tread lightly upon the spells to undo as the witching hour is now upon you. Pg-13 Some horror based elements...

Escape Room Party $350.00

Up To 8 Players

– (2) 30 Minute Escape Room Experiences

– 1 Hour Private Party Area

– 2 Large Pizzas

– 2 Pitchers Of Soda

– Party Supplies (Cups & Plates)

– Guest Of Honor T-Shirt

– $30 Each Additional Partitipant

The collectible poker chips are a unique reward to players who successfully defeat an escape room at one of our many locations in the Metro Detroit area. These chips can serve as a tangible reminder of each player’s accomplishment and can also be a fun addition to any collection!