Pirate’s Curse

Gather your crew! The Grand Marcosa and h​er Captain are bearing down upon your ship and you only have an hour to escape before they steal your treasure and take you and...

Airlock Escape

You have an hour to solve the clues and find your way out of the alien spacecraft! You’ve been abducted to an Alien Space Station! NASA is aware of the situation but...

Mummy’s Revenge

New Room! Explore the tomb and find clues to escape before the mummy gets you! A new pyramid has been discovered in the middle of the Sahara desert and is remarkably untouched....

Mystical Forest

Escape the cabin before time runs out and you disappear like the others! 300 Acre Woods has been rumored to hold the enchanted golden monkeys that can only leave the forest when it...

Lost in Space

Escape the red planet before it’s too late on this fun space adventure! For decades, humanity dreamed of setting foot on our latest frontier; Mars. This dream just became a reality. You...

Temple Run

Solve the puzzles and find ancient secrets within the walls of an archaeological wonder! Enter the lost temple and secure the precious treasures that lie deep within. Legend has it, the ancient...

Stabbin Cabin

There is a crazed serial killer on the loose called the Huntsman and you find he has been in your cabin before. Too scared to go outside your only chance for survival...

Escape Room Party $350.00

Up To 8 Players

– (2) 30 Minute Escape Room Experiences

– 1 Hour Private Party Area

– 2 Large Pizzas

– 2 Pitchers Of Soda

– Party Supplies (Cups & Plates)

– Guest Of Honor T-Shirt

– $30 Each Additional Partitipant

The collectible poker chips are a unique reward to players who successfully defeat an escape room at one of our many locations in the Metro Detroit area. These chips can serve as a tangible reminder of each player’s accomplishment and can also be a fun addition to any collection!