Bank Heist

You and your friends have one hour to rob a bank and escape the authorities! You have one job: Go in, take the gold, and get out! But it’s never that easy,...

The Morgue

You’re treading dangerous ground inside this sinister mortuary. With visitors both living and deceased vanishing at every turn, you fear the worst. Find your way out or fall victim to the evil...

Dragon’s Heart

Put your mind and magic to the test! Your final task to prove you are ready to wield a wand is to capture the Dragon’s Heart. Please arrive 15 minutes early for...


Fearcorp has chosen you to be part of an experimental test group. Will you make it out alive? Can you face your nightmares? This game is an intense experience. Not recommended for...

Escape From Alcatraz: Maximum Security

Can you keep the infection from spreading? Unbornlabs has an evil plan to unleash a Zombie Virus and their lead scientist had an accident and infected himself. Due to inactivity in the...

Bank Heist

Your job is simple: Get in, get our fortune, and get out. If you succeed, you will be set for life! Rock Solid Bank is world-renowned as the most secure bank on the...


You have one hour to escape from your captor. Can you get out before he catches you? Must be 18 to play. The smell of mold fills your nose as you awaken in...

Escape Room Party $350.00

Up To 8 Players

– (2) 30 Minute Escape Room Experiences

– 1 Hour Private Party Area

– 2 Large Pizzas

– 2 Pitchers Of Soda

– Party Supplies (Cups & Plates)

– Guest Of Honor T-Shirt

– $30 Each Additional Partitipant

The collectible poker chips are a unique reward to players who successfully defeat an escape room at one of our many locations in the Metro Detroit area. These chips can serve as a tangible reminder of each player’s accomplishment and can also be a fun addition to any collection!