Zombie Bomb


Can you keep the infection from spreading?

Underborn Labs has an evil plan to unleash a Zombie Virus and their lead scientist had an accident and infected himself. Due to inactivity in the lab it has gone into self destruct mode! The only person that knows the code to disarm the bomb is the Lead Scientist that has been infected. Your mission is to get inside, find the cure, and save the lead scientist so you can get the code and disarm the bomb before it explodes!

Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in for your reservation.

Warnings, Information, and disclaimers:

This room is ideal for groups who enjoy scary themes and challenging puzzles.
This room is handicap accessible on the ground level.
Zombie Bomb does have jump scares and minimal lighting so please consider your players and how well they do with scares and dark rooms.
This room also has a realistic zombie in it so if anyone in your group is easily scared and does not like blood/gore this may not be the room for them.
All rooms have emergency exits so you can always get out if needed.
If you do not arrive 15 minutes ahead of your booking time for check-in you may lose your reservation.

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Escape Room Party $350.00

Up To 8 Players

– (2) 30 Minute Escape Room Experiences

– 1 Hour Private Party Area

– 2 Large Pizzas

– 2 Pitchers Of Soda

– Party Supplies (Cups & Plates)

– Guest Of Honor T-Shirt

– $30 Each Additional Partitipant

Paint war!
3x The Paint 39.99 Per Person


4 Player Minimum

– 10 (2oz) Bottles High Intensity UV Paint

– 16 x 20 Canvas

– Paint Brushes

– 2 Paint Syringes

–  Shoe Covers

– Paint Poncho

PAINT BLAST $27.99 Per Player


Up to 6 players

– 3 (2oz) Bottles Neon Paint

– 3 (2oz) Cups Neon Paint

– 8 x 10 Canvas

– 3 Paint Brushes

– Shoe Covers

– Paint Poncho