Temple Run


Booby traps, curses, and spirits, OH MY!

Legend has it, the ancient spirits of Skull Temple left a series of traps for those who dare tread their sacred grounds.  Beware! Several relics were found near the temple warning curious adventurers like yourself: Each soul who enters Skull Temple has one holy hour to worship The Skull in peace. If you touch any of the relics or stay for longer than the spirits allow, you will be cursed and bound to this Temple as it’s newest guardian spirit until the next poor soul who fails to respect the curse of Skull Temple!

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your reservation.

Warnings, Information, and disclaimers:

Temple Run is ideal for beginner and experienced groups alike.
This room is handicap accessible on the ground level.
This room does have somewhat of a small passageway into the second room. There is an alternate way to get into that second room for those who need it.
All rooms have emergency exits so you can always get out if needed.
If you do not arrive 15 minutes ahead of your booking time for check-in you may lose your reservation.

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