3D Circus


Step right up! Will you be the best Ring Master this circus has ever seen?!

Uncle Tick-Tock has left the circus in your name but you must prove yourself to be worthy first! Complete his tests to qualify for the job and learn the reigns of being a great Ring Leader! Don’t worry being the boss isn’t just paper work and boring bow ties! The bow ties have polka dots and there’s no such thing as paper work in the circus! So turn on the lights, open the curtains, and put on a show! It’s opening night and you have a ring to lead! Break a leg!

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your reservation.

Warnings, Information, and disclaimers:

3D Circus is ideal for small groups, families, first timers, and experienced groups alike.
This room is not handicap accessible as it is on the second floor and our building does not have elevators.
3D Circus does have somewhat of a small passageway into the second room. There is an alternate way to get into that second room for those who need it.
This room does have bright colored walls/props that are compatible with 3D glasses which we provide.
All rooms have emergency exits so you can always get out if needed.
If you do not arrive 15 minutes ahead of your booking time for check-in you may lose your reservation.

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